MT - Motori Elettrici


The M.T. motors can be implemented with different optional choosing within a wide range available on the general catalogue.

Same example of optional and special configurations are:

  • Motors with encoder arrangements according
    to customer’s choice. The encoder can be implemented on all M.T. motors except on the high braking torque motors range.
  • Triple polarity motors requested for food & beverage food as industrial mixers.
  • Special double polarity motors for industrial fans.
  • Motors with special terminal blocks.
  • Motors with special switches / wiring.
  • Servo-ventilated motor equipped, if requested, with IC416 cooling with additional axial electric fan and independent feeding. Foced cooling can be implemented on all motors range except on high braking torque motors range.
  • Semi-closed IP66 for applications where the motor is constantly in contact with water, particularly recommended for CAR WASH application.
  • Double shaft available for all standard motors and standard brake motors, as well as customer design crankshaft.

All optional available in the M.T. range are available on the general catalogue.

Upon request it is also possible to assemble gearmotors on specific customer requirement, being able to rely on a wide range of gearboxes supplied by Tramec, manufacturer part of the group where M.T. belongs.


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