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Certified motors as standard

To ensure high products quality M.T. Motori Elettrici invests continuously in its internal procedures and production, machinery and, particularly, pay attention to human resources training.

M.T. Motori Elettrici manufactures and assembles its electric motors with high quality materials and are offered along with most common certification in the sector: ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, UL-CSA Certification for the and Canadian and U.S. markets, and ATEX Certification for explosion hazard zones 2-22 and 1-21 (increased safety).

All electric motors are supplied as standard, over the CE certification, also with UL-CSA and ATEX Certifications (if available).

# File Type Vers. Action
1 ISO9001 PDF Rev.005 Download
2 EC Declaration of Conformity ATEX PDF 05/2022 Download
3 EC Declaration of Conformity NO ATEX PDF 05/2022 Download
4 MT MOTORI Statement letter ATEX PDF 07/2021 Download
5 Certificato di conformità UL PDF 2010 Download
Motori certificati come standard

Environment, health, and safety

Environment, health, and safety

M.T. Motori Elettrici also distinguishes itself through environmentally friendly production and compliance with directives and standards in respect of all stakeholders.

This means, among other things, the reduction of raw materials and industrial materials consumption, the efficient use of energy, the careful and responsible use of pollutants, the reduction of waste emissions and the implementation of all precautions for a proper emergency system to prevent all types of hazards and accidents.

M.T. Motori Elettrici has set itself the goal of continually improving Integrated Management System's processes and performance.

# File Type Vers. Action
1 Environmental labeling PDF 03/2024 Download
2 UE1257-2013 PDF 07/2021 Download

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